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We make unique and precious contemporary digital cases because every life is sacred and because we need a very special place to preserve our most beautiful digital memories. I CASE YOU is a jewel inspired by the beauty and the sacred of art and the design of electronics and is contemporary because of the technology inside.


I case you is born from a real story.


Here is the story:


Do you remember those wonderful photo albums that our parents and grandparents spent hours putting together and stored them lovingly in their book case ? Who still makes a photo album like that ? I miss those things.


One day I decided to reorganise the files on my computer because it had everything everywhere, I wanted to make a selection of my most beautiful memories, photos and videos that really matter to me, those I would remember each and every day. I downloaded everything on a USB stick. It would be the album of my life, just that. And then I started to think about this USB stick, it seemed soulless, it didn't have any real presence, so I bought a nice little box to put it in, so it would have a precious place to reside and placed it on the mantelpiece. I looked at it from time to time, remembering all those beautiful moments and telling myself that I might one day pass it on to my children, like the photo albums my parents passed on to me.


And then I have an idea to make it even more precious and unique.


Together, with Laetitia, my co-pilot, we've designed and crafted our own little gold-plated boxes, with as much love and beauty as we know, fitted them with a USB stick or a hard drive on which we have stored my life's essential moments. It's my very own personal contemporary case where I can reflect upon and cherish my most precious memories. Today we treasure our own life, our own memories.


And last but not least, the cube is a cute decorative lamp when plugged !






But who are we ?


We are Patrick van Roy (artist and engineer) and Laetitia De Moor (artisitic designer) and we are from Belgium, the country of great artists of all time like Hergé, Magritte, Rubens and many more !

Since many years, my artwork has been featured in many galleries in Europe

My recent work combines concept, art and technology.

The case is customizable with the engraving of your name or personal message.

(Contact us for more details and price)


Each case is unique and handmade in Belgium.


Limited edition numbered and certificated.

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